Bulgaria’s third largest city Varna is by far the most interesting spot on the Black Sea coast. Being one of the main tourist destinations, it bears the well-deserved name of the summer capital of Bulgaria.

But don’t be fooled by the resort-like presentation – Varna also has a rich history. Established in the 6th century BC as Odessos, it has seen quite the array of rulers, including Miletian Greeks, Byzantines and Ottomans, and the diverse architectural heritage of churches, monasteries and local interpretations of neoclassical, Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture in the old quarters testify to the story of the city. Varna also offers a chance to see see the world’s oldest artefacts of gold jewelry at the Archaeological Museum, which also manages the historical site of the ancient Roman Thermae baths.

The waterfront promenade houses various beach good-time clubs for all tastes, be it rock, pop or dance music. The humid subtropical climate will let you enjoy the cozy marinas and city beaches with their unique hot springs, locally known as “sea baths”.

The abundance of entertainment options, historical sites, museums, beaches, shopping boulevards, restaurants and so more makes Varna the perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

  • Varna is the 4th largest city on the Black Sea
  • Varna has a rich archeological heritage, drawing many scientists from all over the world
  • The Port of Varna is the largest seaport complex in Bulgaria
  • The gold jewelry of the Varna Necropolis is considered to be the oldest in the world
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This vegetable stew with rice and cheese is traditionally cooked in a clay pot and thought to originate from the ancient Thracians.


A refreshing cold soup made with ground walnuts, yogurt, garlic, cucumber, herbs and vinegar or lemon juice makes a great appetizer.

White Wine

Grown locally from the copper yellow Dimiat grapes, this light-bodied and highly aromatic wine is usually served chilled.


This fruit brandy is Bulgaria’s declared national drink and enjoys great popularity in the Balkans. Can be also made of plums and mixed fruit.

Kite Festival

A parade of kites from different countries, including demos of air gliders and original masterbuilt flying models soaring the sky.

Pobiti Kamani

A marvelous desert-like rock phenomenon of naturally formed, 50 million year old eroded rock columns, each around 5–7 m high.
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Primorski Park

Established in 1878, the magnificent Sea Garden sprawls for about 8 km north from the city center overlooking the sea. It is said to be one of the biggest of this kind in Europe. Filled with lush greenery and many attractions, it is a worthwhile go-to with lots to see. In the northern section you’ll find Varna Zoo with a variety of animals, and further north there is the Terrarium Varna. The park is also home to the Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Varna Maritime Museum, the Observatory and Planetarium. The seaside is lined with countless restaurants, beach bars and clubs and even a mini entertainment park for kids. But if you are looking to escape the bustle, just wander off one of the main promenades and you’ll find yourself in a more secluded and pleasantly quiet area, where you can enjoy the birds sing.

Varna Archaeological Museum

Situated in a Neo-Renaissance style building, this is one of Bulgaria’s largest museums, occupying more than 2 000 square meters with artifacts from the prehistoric, Thracian, Ancient Greek and Roman periods of region’s history. It also displays objects from eras of the Byzantine and medieval Bulgarian Empires, as well as the Ottoman rule and the Bulgarian National Revival. The most significant items of the exposition are pieces of golden jewelry from the Varna Necropolis, dating to 4600–4200 BC and considered to be the oldest gold treasure in the world. These artifacts were unexpectedly found during construction work in 1972, with a total of almost 300 tombs and more than 3 000 golden objects recovered to date.

Zlatni Piasaci

If you are looking for some resort action, relaxation and fun, visit Zlatni Piasaci (Golden Sands). Located 17 km north from Varna, this popular tourist destination is virtually connected to the city by endless resorts and villa communities. An essential part of the town is the Golden Sands Nature park with hot mineral water springs that were already known to the Thracians and Roman Caesars, and lush woodlands, which are home to over 600 species of invertebrate animals, more than 120 bird species, 27 small and 14 big mammal species, including wild cats, boars and deer. The resort is renowned for its white-golden sand and views of the the clear, blue sea. Summer temperatures hold around 27–30°C, and the water temperatures average to 25–28°C. Zlatni Piasaci offers excellent possibilities for entertainment, recreation, health and beauty. A paradise for both children and adults!
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