Why go to Tenerife? For most people the main reason for visiting this beautiful island on their vacation is the weather – sunshine at its best! With more than 300 sunny days a year, Tenerife is the ultimate destination to top up your tan and leisure about by the ocean. No wonder it’s the UK’s most popular go-to for that much needed summer sun – family-friendly, politically stable and about five hours away from most Primera Air airports.

With one of the best climates in the world and an amazing location, Tenerife makes a perfect holiday destination for everyone. The island has plenty of activities to offer. Fishing? Only a 10 minute drive to the nearest dock. Surfing? The waves are just right, especially in winter. Sightseeing? Plenty to see here, from a giant volcano and marvelous rock pools to historical landmarks and much more. Whatever you like to do, you will find it here. 

Tenerife may not be the biggest island, but you will find that there is a lot to do and even more to see. If you are worried, that you won’t have any memories and photos to take home from your trip, put those worries aside –  Tenerife will make your camera work overtime and you will worry only about having to leave.

  • Average summer temperature is 23°C, and Tenerife has 300 sunny days a year
  • The language of the Canaries is Spanish (Castilian)
  • Although part of the EU and using the Euro as their currency, Tenerife is not part of Europe
  • Tenerife has the third largest island volcano in the world - Mount Teide
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Roasted grain flour, one of the most traditional Canarian products dating back to the time of the Guanches.

Papas Arrugadas

An omnipresent dish of the Canary Islands and a must for anyone curious about Tenerife food and drinks.

Cafe Cortado Natural

A coffee beverage made of fine espresso and a little cut of heated milk, usually served in a small glass.


The inimitable Spanish drink, linking wine and spirits. Traditionally made with wine, chopped fruit, brandy or rum, a sweetener, and ice.

Loro Parque

A zoo and wildlife refuge outside of Santa Cruz featuring a wide variety of animals, especially parrots.

Los Gigantes

A natural landmark with sheer cliff faces that run up vertically almost 1,600 feet from the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Masca is one of the most picturesque parts of the island, located in the northwest at the foot of the Teno Mountains. This beautiful little village may be somewhat difficult to reach but is well worth the journey, which will take you through deep ravines interlaced with lush green flora and winding roads with hairpin bends. The scenery on the way is breathtaking, and once you reach Masca, the natural beauty of this stunning location is overwhelming. Until recently the village of Masca was virtually unknown, but has now become a centre of attraction for those touring Tenerife. The setting of the village is magical with its houses perching precariously on the narrow ridges of steep rock formations. It really is a photographer’s dream destination. Reputedly a former pirate hideaway, the small Bay of Masca is a three-hour walk away from the village, and the hike is sure to deliver some spectacular views. Bear in mind though – once down in Masca, you have to either walk back (which takes much longer and is an undertaking for the fittest hikers) or take a boat from the coast to nearby Los Gigantes.

Teide National Park

The landscape revolves around the largest volcano in Spain – Teide. This sleeping giant last erupted in 1798, and the volcanic cones and lava outcrops form an extraordinary conjunction of colors and shapes. This area is home to a vastly diverse flora of great biological value. It is also recognised as a stargazing destination by the Starlight Foundation. Teide National Park was founded in 1954 to protect this spectacular and ecologically valuable landscape lying at the foot of the colossal volcano. The Teide is the volcanic formation located on an ancient and gigantic cauldron-shaped depression, formed by two semi-calderas, which are separated by rock formations known as Roques de García. Some unique plant and animal species live and thrive in the shadow of the Teide. There is an astonishing diversity of plants, including the Teide broom, Red echium, Blue echium, the Guanche rose, Flixweed and Silver thistle.

Whales and dolphins

The deep and warm waters between Tenerife and neighbouring La Gomera are among the few places in the world where you are pretty much guaranteed to spot the resident population of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. Hop on a Tenerife dolphin and whale watching excursion boat or, if you want to get really up-close-and-personal, go to our Tenerife excursions page, where you can book a mind-blowing dolphin encounter at the AquaPark dolphinarium.
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