For some Málaga may be an easy-to-reach destination for enjoying the sun in popular resorts around Costa del Sol, but this once-shabby port has undergone some serious changes and grown into a city that can be enjoyed even more than the sandy beaches.

While the city beaches are just a bonus of traveling to Málaga, the cuisine is definitely one of the main reasons for coming over here. The local climate and fishing traditions mean there’s plenty of fresh produce, great local wine and some of the best Mediterranean jamón to try.

Aside from beaches and food, Málaga has a lot of museums devoted to classical, modern and street art, as well as shopping streets housing some of the world’s biggest brands and best local manufacturers. And don’t worry about nightlife - Málaga likes to stay up late, and you will find many places for enjoying yourself.

  • The distance between Malaga and North Africa is just 130 km
  • The summer season lasts about 8 months from April to November
  • Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world
  • The Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport handles around 13 million passengers a year
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A stew of bread crumbs fried in olive oil with ham, paprika, red pepper and garlic, and served with chorizo and eggs.

Ensalada Malagueña

Málaga style salad – part of the traditional Málaga cuisine. The salad is made with potato, salt cod, olives and oranges.

Cafe Sombra

A coffee drink made of about 20% coffee and 80% milk, that you can enjoy at local Malagan cafes. Creamy!

Málaga Wine

Sweet red wine made from Pedro Ximenez grapes and characterized by a dark mahogany color, mature aroma and rich, elegant taste.

Automobile Museum

Catch the vintage vibe here – impressive automotive masterpieces displayed along with haute couture and fashion of their respective eras.

Centre Pompidou Málaga

Visit the Málaga branch of one of the most amazing museums featuring various exhibits, galleries, exhibitions and workshops.
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Places to Visit

La Alcazaba

A must see in Málaga, the 11th century fort “La Alcazaba” is on almost every Málaga city guide out there. And not without reason. It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city. Inside the palace you will find the city´s archeology museum exhibiting genuine preserved treasure that unveils the city's history. Alcazaba used to be connected to Gibralfaro Castle, which was constructed during the 14th Century by the Nazarian King Yusuf I over an older Phoenician building enclosure that also contained a lighthouse on the hill and had the name “Gibralfaro”.

La Concepción Botanic Garden

One of the best-rated botanic gardens in Europe, La Concepción is like a tropical paradise, combining traditional gardens with lush green forests. Created in the 1850’s by an aristocratic couple, it has much to offer – a lot of history, beautiful scenery for taking some of the best pictures on your trip and some truly beautiful routes, such as "Jewels of La Concepción", "Themed Gardens" and "Around the World in 80 Trees", each of which can take an hour or two to complete – you could even spend all day here.

Málaga Cathedral

The Málaga Cathedral is truly a sight to behold. Built for almost 250 years, it is renowned for its traditionally rich Spanish ornamentation and historic artwork, and combines a Baroque style facade with a Renaissance era interior. It is also noticeable for one of its two towers being unfinished, which has earned it the nickname "La Manquita", or "The One-Armed Lady". The completed tower, however, makes it stand 84 m tall and look truly awe-inspiring from any angle. The interior features engravings, ornamentation, sculptures, paintings and other elements manifest into a breathtaking ensemble or art.
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